We use specialist equipment combined with an anti-viral sanitiser chemical designed to be effective against Coronavirus.
Our disinfecting service is bio-misting (known as fogging) - this technology gives off a very fine vaporised mist allowing microscopic particles of the anti-viral chemical to reach and fully wrap all surfaces with an effective even coverage including vertical, underneath and even the most secluded areas. As these vaporised particles of chemical land they kill the Coronavirus and any harmful pathogens within seconds, the droplets then air dry on their own leaving all surfaces disinfected.

Our fogging service gives you peace of mind that your environment has been thoroughly disinfected and is safe for your staff and customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is this cleaning service effective against COVID-19?

A: Yes - The disinfection treatments we use meet EN 14476:2103 + A2:2109 standards and is therefore effective against all Coronaviruses including the SARS-CoV-2 strain.

Q: Is Virucide harmful to surfaces?

A: Virucide will not deteriorate, damage or harm common surfaces such as countertops, worksurfaces, upholstery, wood floors, carpet or painted walls. We may spot delicate items and perform alternative cleaning techniques if required.

Q: Does Virucide fogging cause damage to electronics?

A: Virucide does not damage electronics because the mist produced is extremely fine, yet effective. You will not have to remove computers, monitors or the like from the premises before fogging.

Q: What is the waiting period before we can access the property or vehicle after a decontamination service?

A: Wait 1 hour before returning.

Q: Can you provide RAMS and COSHH?

A: Yes - on request we can supply a risk assessment, method statement and COSHH assessment.

Q: Do you provide a certificate after cleaning?

A: Yes - on completion we will send a proof of cleaning certificate to you with your company name on it, an example is attached.

Q: How do we prepare for the service?

A: Your premises must be vacated of all people and all electrical equipment should be turned off.

Please contact us for a quotation and to arrange booking us in.

COVID 19 Fogging Disinfection Service